Adzone Wins Top Achiever Award

The Fairmont Resort and Lodge awards Adzone Marketing the Top Achiever from all it's booking agents.

Well, if there was a best in online marketing, Adzone Marketing based on Ridgeside, Umhlanga would probably be it. While many companies claim to be able to deliver result, Adzone Marketing is one of the only companies in the country to actually deliver.

They specialize in online marketing for hotel accommodation, leisure and travel. On the 13th of June 2013 they won 1st and 2nd prize as agent of the year for the Fairmont group. Their proprietary advance marketing techniques are so far beyond the general run of the mill companies out there, that they managed to sell over 2,500 Fairmont hotel rooms to locals from South Africa in 2012.

The prize for being the most successful agent in South Africa is a two day stay in the presidential suite of the Fairmont, and as the Grand prize winner he gets a trip to the Fairmont Mara Mara resort in Kenya.

Surprisingly, for one of the most in demand marketers in South Africa, Engelen (Director) is very grounded and unassuming. He believes his results have been achieved with hard work and an in-depth knowledge of the areas he specializes in.

In a space as competitive as Travel accommodation and leisure, it is refreshing to see a company break out from the crowd as a clear leader in the industry. When asked about the state of the market right now Engelen is philosophical – he believes that "as the market gets more crowded, people are becoming more overloaded with information than ever before. Understanding what people really want is the secret to effective marketing. Once you understand that, you can help people achieve the outcome they desire".

Adzone Marketing, Proudly South African

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