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Zimbali home owner puts her property in the hands Zimbali Bookings and earns great income from her home.

Holiday houses are not favourable any longer due to high maintenance costs, city rates etc. but the Zimbali Coastal Resort seems to be the place to buy. Where in South Africa, let alone the world, can one buy a residential property and return a rental yield of 9.5%?

Zimbali, South Africa has become the holiday destination of choice for many upcountry South African residents, and there is just not enough holiday rental stock available. Zimbali has a very strong local rental market. The sheer beauty of this beach resort puts these properties in high demand throughout the year. "Different investors want different things - some are after yield and others are after capital growth." It is rare to find both...and Zimbali has both.

3, 4 and 5 Bedroom properties are in high demand but success of good rental income seems to be making the difference of who you team up with. With the Internet age, hardly any holiday rental deals are concluded by traditional estate agents these days. People want to book a self-catering unit like booking a hotel...that's online and instantly! As a Zimbali home owner one can make use of the "welcome centre" which takes care of arrivals, departures, key deposit and acts as an information centre...just like a hotel.

ZimbaliBookings (http://www.Zimbalibookings.co.za), one of many such online listing portals has produced excellent results for its clients. Myriam T has owned a 3 bedroom unit on the golf estate for many years and once she teamed up with the online portal there was instant success. She said, "Every estate agent left my property empty and since going online I have been fully booked. I cannot thank the team at Zimbali Bookings enough."

It seems more and more people are using the internet as a business tool to turn their holiday home into a viable investment. What is the secret? List with reputable online portals like ZimbaliBookings specialising in holiday houses in your area. Stay away from companies that ask for monies upfront and rather go with websites which offer commissions on rental deals. http://www.ZimbaliBookings.co.za owned by Adzone Marketing (PTY) has won awards for their unique marketing achievements so it would make sense to team up with similar companies that have the history of achieving results.

Mark Thompson


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